About Me

"The creative adult is the child who has survived." (Ursula K.Le Guin)
Becoming a graphic designer has allowed me to be creative and use my inner child and playfulness. I grew up in Estonia and as a child I have always loved envisioning different perspectives about the world around me. I often found myself while growing up changing my tiny room's interior or arranging colorful outfits for my little siblings and myself. Experimenting with different materials and mediums has allowed me to express and fulfill myself. As I work I find inspiration from the world around me. Sometimes it is simply the interesting texture of a tree or how certain furniture was designed. Other times I connect with the works of artists like Theo van Doesburg and Armin Hofman. I like to keep my designs simple and clean, yet complex and playful. My love, dedication and passion for what I do are my strongest attributes.









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